What SELF LOVE means to me

I am 22 years young yet I feel so old, like my time is ticking away and I have to accomplish so much in such little time. I realized that the most successful thing I can accomplish as a young black women in todays society is learning and knowing how to love myself. Self love is an ongoing journey that really never ends. Some days are amazing and others can be challenging. There's so many ways I could define self love but the answer is right in front you. LOVE YOUR SELF! Most times we invest our time and love into things that we soon learn are not good for us at all. With self love we teach ourselves that there's no love greater than the love I give myself. It's okay to have morals and set standards because everybody isn't going to love you the way you deserve, especially once you learn how to love yourself. Self love is putting your happiness above anybody else's. Realizing that your peace of mind is more important than anything. Self love is knowing that nothing or no one can tear you from what you're destined to do because you already has someone e that loves and supports you 100%... YOU! Self love is being happy and owning it. Self love if finding the positive when surrounded by nothing but negative. Self love is free. Self love is refreshing. Self love is the best love you can ever receive because it comes from the one person who truly knows you best, you!

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