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Hi Guys, my name is Phat Gurl J and I am a confidence coach. Seriously. My blog is a place where you come to feel free and connect with me and my stories.I want to help you all build confidence in some way, shape or form. What better way to do that the. giving you guys real life stories and tips on how to grow and love on yourself like you deserve. I have so many different topics to discuss with you all from self love to dealing with relationships to how to build confidence and so much more. I hope when you read my posts you comment how you feel after reading. I really want to resonate all kinds of emotions with you guys, because although we live in a weird world where most of us think that expressing emotions are bad, they're actually really vital on this journey we're all on called life.


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Sometimes in life people often forget what it is... and what it ain't! I too sometimes can get so wrapped in societies non sense that I also forget what it really is. And by "what it really is" I simp

Lies Men Tell: Pt 1

We were 13 years old when we first met. Who knew at age 22 I'd finally have to let him go. I thought he'd be around forever, my "Forever Man" ya know. We weren't together consecutively for almost 9 ye

What SELF LOVE means to me

I am 22 years young yet I feel so old, like my time is ticking away and I have to accomplish so much in such little time. I realized that the most successful thing I can accomplish as a young black wo

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