You know you're only given one body. I mean you can buy a new one, but do you know how expensive that is? I want YOU to love the only body you got. It's kind of easy when you think about it. Just think, you are the ONLY person that looks like YOU! Even identical twins aren't 100% identical. Society often gives people a false reality that you have to look almost perfect to find a partner or to be accepted. But the true reality is NOBDY'S PERFECT! Perfection doesn't even exist. Perfection is like a figment of our imaginations! Nothing in REAL life is perfect. You are absolutely beautiful just the way you are! Please remember that. It's important because there's nobody that's like you! You should love your uniqueness! I call myself thee bhaddest bitch everyday. It's my favorite affirmation! In the comment section tell me what affirmations you say to yourself daily. I'll leave a list because everybody might not feel comfortable saying "I'm thee bhaddest bitch"!

Daily Positive Affirmations:

I am beautiful

I am confident

I am unique

I am strong

I am smart

I am one of a kind

There's no one like me

I love my skin

I love my Body

I can keep going on and on for days guys! Remember there's only ONE you and you should love it with all you got!

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