I wonder why men feel so entitled to a woman's body? Why do they over sexualize EVERYTHING a woman does? Why are they wired this way? I really want to know. I'm super interested. I say all this to say that I don't do anything for validation from a MAN. I love myself. It took me years to get here. Years to finally have the confidence I have. This journey was far from easy. It was extremely hard but I wanted to love myself more than anything. My nude photoshoot was just the start of even better things to come. I love myself. I want you to love yourself too. So I post things that girls my size typically wouldn't. Hell it's women that are half my size that don't have the confidence do a NUDE photoshoot and then create an entire blog to talk about the experience. I really do everything I do for women, majority. I love my male supporters, especially the positive ones, the ones that understands this isn't for their attention but because I'm on a journey of self love that I now what everybody to be apart of. Hell, a year ago I would've NEVER imagined I'd have the courage to get up and book a nude a photoshoot. It's something I always wanted to do however there was always that little voice in the back of my head saying "Don't do it, people are going to judge, be rude, hate on it and more". But I did it anyways! There's a reason these pictures aren't public. If you really support me and you're really interested in my journey then you subscribed to my blog and you're wherever you are reading these post and admiring ME! I appreciate you ALL more than you'll ever know! I never imagined that people would be this interested in me, specifically my nude body. Because this shoot was not A** and B**Bs all over the place. It's my FULL self. The rolls, the back fat, the stretch marks. All of the imperfections that make me well ME.

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