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Updated: Mar 23

FIRST of ALL ... WE CAN! Last time I remember being skinny I was probably still in the womb 😂 OKAY… maybe that's a little extra but I've always been on the heavier side for most of my life. I'm starting this blog to dive into a side a fashion that's always left out... THE PLUS SIZE SIDE! Plus sized fashion is slowly making its way up the charts but it's still heavily left out the limelight, especially in runway. Being plus sized in my opinion is not just having some curves, a big butt or breast... but having and seeing physical FAT, ROLLS, AND STRETCH MARKS! This blog will be all about body positivity, plus sized fashion for both women and MEN 😉. this is to show the world than you can be BIG and Beautiful!

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Sometimes in life people often forget what it is... and what it ain't! I too sometimes can get so wrapped in societies non sense that I also forget what it really is. And by "what it really is" I simp

Opinions Aren't Facts

We are often intimidated by the opinions that other people form based off of an assumption of what THEY think fits societies norms. Why is it that we often begin to self destruct when people form thes

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