Opinions Aren't Facts

We are often intimidated by the opinions that other people form based off of an assumption of what THEY think fits societies norms. Why is it that we often begin to self destruct when people form these opinions and assumptions? Why are we so wrapped up in what other people have to say about us that we let it control our lives? Well, because we're human that's why. People often forget about being human and how that requires having feelings. What most people also forget is that as humans we are in control of how we think, process, and handle those emotions. Opinions are not facts. Opinions are NOT your reality. Most often, people use their opinions as a way to deflect how they truly feel about themselves or the situation. Most people don't have PhDs but always want to give out doctoral advice. Don't let a fake doctor prescribe you the wrong medicine to heal a pain they have no knowledge about.

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