My Latest Nudes Could Of Been In The Louvre

I'm pretty sure you're sitting there wondering how I even got her in the first place right?

I have no idea either. I mean I kind of do, lol. It was a long journey. It was a hard journey. Self love is not a very easy when you weren't accepted for years by society. It's still a little rough out here. But I managed to push through and make it. A lot of people thought I did a nude shoot to help support another brand, but honestly it was ALL FOR ME! I LOVE MY BODY. Then I thought, why not put it on display for the world to see? I scheduled an extremely tasteful Photoshoot with LMC Photography.

I went to her studio and then we created MAGIC! It was one of the most liberating experiences of my life. I felt to free and beautiful. She was able to capture my true beauty; Nude! Now I know most people make the assumption that I do for attention, I don't. I do this for MYSELF first. I do this for the little chubby black gurl who has no strong role models or influencers to relate to because they don't look like her. Nothing in society is based off of reality when you really think about it. Newsflash, I am Ms. Reality! This is my REAL PHAT GURL LIFE! This is me raw and uncut! Being a phat gurl in society is hard as hell, but I'm here to say that I devote my life to making a change and creating a voice for EVERYBODY who ever felt like an outcast or like they just did not fit in. This one is for y'all.

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