Lies Men Tell: Pt 1

We were 13 years old when we first met. Who knew at age 22 I'd finally have to let him go. I thought he'd be around forever, my "Forever Man" ya know. We weren't together consecutively for almost 9 years but we were definitely around each other for that long. At one point I thought he'd become my husband, my life partner, my better half... Yet sometimes you truly outgrow people. Growth has it's ups and downs, and to be honest I'm not really sure how I would categorize this part of my growth but I do know that it was needed. We finally realized that we were just as toxic as we thought we were good. I couldn't even out weigh the bad because we when we were good we were great, but when things got bad... they got really really bad. It's no ones fault. No one can point the finger or play the blame game because we both played a part in this. Although we're not together, I'll always wish him the best. We've been through a lot together over the years. From sleeping on couches, to damn near living together (I mean I had 3 keys to the crib), to a secret baby(it wasn't mine and no he didn't cheat), to learning how to truly forgive someone and try the "us" thing over 3 times after the fact. We went through A LOT. But eventually I had to realize when enough was going to be enough. There weren't any challenges when I was with him. We were both way too comfortable with each other. I needed something more, and couldn't no amount of convincing could convince him to change. Women often get with men that they see potential in. That was my BIGGEST downfall. I saw so much potential in a man that I knew I couldn't change because I can't change anybody. He would have to want to change and actually make those changes on his own, and honestly I didn't see that happening anytime soon. I have mad love for the man, hell I'll always have mad love for him. He's the only guy that ever met my real father, and so far the only guy that could handle my crazy mood swings and smart a** mouth. I say this to say that it's okay to grow and to be outgrown. You don't want to spend years being stagnant. Not everyone is going to be able to enjoy the WHOLE ride with you and that's okay. You have to learn that eventually enough is enough and your peace of mind is more important than the potential you see in somebody else. YOU are important, always remember that.

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