Free The Nipple

I always wondered why men can walk around with no shirt on but women can't? Why are women so overly sexualized? Why is it that if I were to walk outside with no shirt on I'd be arrested in an instance? Do I think it's fair? Hell NO! It's ridiculous in my opinion. Men have control over the woman's body without even doing anything directly. It's crazy to me. I want to be able to walk outside with no shirt on and not be over sexualized. I want to be able to post my nipples and not get a million responses trying to slut shame me or men trying to sleep with me. I want everyone to be able to love their true authentic selves. The naked version, the clothed version, ALL OF YOU deserves to be loved and appreciated. So I say all this to say PHUCK YOUR BEAUTY STANDARDS. I'm going to release my nipples.

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