Confidence, The Real "Key" to Living Your Best Life.

Updated: Mar 23

I love talking about Confidence! It's one of my favorite topics to discuss. Personally I wasn't always as confident as I am today. But I made a promise to my younger self that I would grow to be the woman I always my younger self to have as a mentor, " A strong, full-figured, confident black woman". And if you ask me I'm doing pretty damn well at keeping that promise. You should never let what other people say about you define who you are. Always remember that self confidence begins within. You can not go looking for confidence in your relationship with whoever if you can't find it within yourself first. Confidence is having an unbarring trust with yourself that you know you are the shit and nobody can take that away from you. Confidence is believing in yourself and knowing that you don't bring shit to the table because you are the table! Confidence is an expression of self love. When you're confident you begin to love yourself different because you know there's nothing and no one that that's going to stop your shine. Always have confidence in everything you do and I assure you that you'll always end up on top!


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