Sometimes in life people often forget what it is... and what it ain't! I too sometimes can get so wrapped in societies non sense that I also forget what it really is. And by "what it really is" I simply mean... me. I am the catch. I am the lighter that sparks the flame. I am the damn table at ALL of the meetings. I deserve to be treated with respect, love and dignity but instead people forget what I ain't... and I ain't the one. The one to be played and manipulated by false hopes and promises. The one who was fed so many fallacy's on love and what it could be. The one who was simply wrapped up in a false dream of should've, could've , would've(s). Sometimes in life you meet people who think they have good intentions for you but in reality they don't. They "think" they know what's best for you and your life but only YOU can truly determine that. Some of these people come in disguised as friends or even lovers. It's hard to decipher sometimes because the relationship just seems too good to be true. We've all been here before. Wanting to feel something new and fresh. Something we never felt before. And then we get trapped with their lies and empty promises. But it's okay, because we make it through their little traps and we come out on top because... WE ARE THE CATCH!


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